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Extremadura, Spain

Extremadura, Spain

We recently struck out on a four-night getaway to northwest Andalusia/Extremadura to explore areas we had never heard of before moving to Spain. None of our planned destinations were on any sort of bucket list. Yet, the close-to-home escape effortlessly fell into place.  

After hearing word-of-mouth recommendations for accommodations and activities, I pressed book after stumbling upon this Telegraph article that listed Extremadura as “Spain’s most overlooked region.”

Within four hours of our home, we explored caves, watched Iberian pigs eat acorns, and let our imaginations run through Roman ruins and medieval castles. So, I share our awesome itinerary, with more details to follow.


Day 1: After work, we drove about two hours to Higuera de la Sierra, Spain, and checked-in to Las Tobas. This Casa Rural is in the middle of a nature reserve. We woke up both mornings to a neighboring farmer shepherding his cows around the house. We had ample space and a more than magnificent view. The weather has been uncharacteristically cool, so we weren’t able to use the pool. But, just perfect.


Day 2: We joined the 11:00 a.m. Jamon Tour at nearby Jamones Eiriz. Afterwards, we drove to nearby Aracena for lunch and a 4:00 p.m. tour of the Aracena Caves. A busy day, but the kids remained engaged throughout it all.

Day 3: We continued on our journey, stopping in Merida to explore the Roman ruins, before heading the rest of the way to Cacares. We wrapped up the day with dinner and checking into our AirBnB, just outside of the historic heart of the city.


Day 4: We explored Trujillo for a large portion of the day, before heading back to wander through medieval Cacares.


Day 5: After a churro breakfast and quick playground trip, we took the easy drive back to Rota, and arrived home with plenty of time to unpack and relax before another busy week.

Jamones Eiriz: A Traditional Jamon Tour

Jamones Eiriz: A Traditional Jamon Tour

Sherry Tasting in the Sherry Triangle

Sherry Tasting in the Sherry Triangle