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A Long Weekend on the Shores of Lake Geneva

A Long Weekend on the Shores of Lake Geneva

Back when we found out we would be leaving Spain earlier than planned, we sat down as a family and compiled a list of the things we wanted to make sure to fit in to our remaining time. Henry wanted to take a train trip. I wanted to go to the Alps. There was lots of talk about castles. To cross off several of these items, we planned a Thanksgiving weekend trip to Switzerland, which also helped us to fit in some Christmas markets and overall holiday cheer. Having just returned, I can say that it was truly a bucket list trip, and as Charlotte said, “the best trip yet!”


We flew EasyJet into Basel, Switzerland, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Initially our plan was to spend a couple of nights there to also take part in their Christmas markets. Ultimately, there was more we wanted to see further south and we couldn’t justify spending the extra time waiting. So, we enjoyed walking around this beautiful city in the German-speaking section of the country, along the banks of the river Rhine. Then, we hopped on several trains to take us to Montreux, on the north shore of Lake Geneva.

I’ll be back with more details on the remaining days, but as an overview:

We rode a cogwheel train up the Roche de Naye to visit the real deal Santa on the top of an Alpine mountain.


We explored our favorite castle yet, the Chateau de Chillon.


We ventured to Lausanne where we found a lot of rain and little Christmas markets.


We ate cheese and chocolate in Gruyeres.


We spent every night at the Christmas markets in Montreux, where stalls and lights are strung along the shores of Lake Geneva.


And then, we headed home, tired and satisfied. I will say that at the end of the trip, Charlotte was so happy with all that we had planned and seen. But, she also said she was ready to go back to her home in Spain. Which seems like nothing, except that it took that girl so long to call Spain home. For over a year, she would balk when anyone else mentioned it as home. She has come so far and grown so much into a more flexible child who recognizes now that home is where the heart is, and while the East Coast will always be our true place of rest, it is alright to venture further. I am continuously amazed and proud of our little band of Navy babies.  

Cog Wheel Trains, Alpine Summits, and Santa Claus

Cog Wheel Trains, Alpine Summits, and Santa Claus

Olives and Kid-Friendly Hiking in Zahara de la Frontera

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