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An Update on Writing and Travel

Hello! So, life has gotten a hold of me and made me clean the house and care for sick kids and I never got around to writing anything last week. Or really, this week. But, if you just can’t wait to read more of my travel writing, you can catch up on the first two pieces I had published in the Rota Naval Station’s newspaper, The Coastline.

96-Hour Holiday: Escape to Extremadura (see pages 18-19)

96-Hour Holiday: Get in the Holiday Spirit in France’s Alsace Region (see page 6)

For those not as familiar with the military lifestyle, servicemembers are often given 96-hours of time off in honor of federal holidays. So, in my role as a contributing community writer, I’ve been pulling together ready-made itineraries that are easy to accomplish in a four-day weekend. Based on personal experience, of course.  

I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to assist with our community’s paper, and will keep you posted on future articles featured.

Also instead of writing blog posts, I’ve been trying to book key pieces of our remaining “larger trips.” With less than a year in Spain, I want to make sure that we cross off top bucket list items, and I also don’t want to be worried with figuring it all out. So, as a sneak peak, these are our remaining big trips:

  • Christmas season in Montreux, Switzerland

  • Winter getaway to Sintra and Porto, Portugal

  • Spanish road trip featuring Northern Spain

  • A return to Bavaria, Germany

Any suggestions on things to do in any of these locations? Favorite stops in Northern Spain?

Olives and Kid-Friendly Hiking in Zahara de la Frontera

Olives and Kid-Friendly Hiking in Zahara de la Frontera

Large Group Trip to Lagos, Portugal

Large Group Trip to Lagos, Portugal