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Intentions Up for Review

Happy New Year!

I’m not one for resolutions, but I do appreciate the cultural reminder to reflect on my path and progress. In college, I was a big believer in creating a visual goal board, and found it so motivating to have that constant and physical reminder of what I wanted to accomplish. Pinterest doesn’t have that same impact, so I’m thinking about getting out some scissors and old magazines and creating a new board. It would look so much better in a dorm room though. 

Anyhow, looking back on the intentions I drafted last year, right before moving, I realize it’s a pretty good list. It’s a good list that I’m still working on. In all honesty, I spent large portions of last year getting a grip on our new life and all of my expectations for living in Europe. More than ever, actually, I feel like the list is an accurate reflection of where I want to go, and I’m hoping that I am more prepared to make some headway.

I have some writing projects in mind that excite me without overwhelming me.

After half a year of teaching our base parish’s pre-Confirmation class, I’m starting to feel more confident and creative, and hope that will spill over into some more liturgical planning for our family.

We booked an agroturismo for a few days over spring break, because in this season, wandering really is the way to go.

Paris – if not Disneyland – is on the horizon. Again, we’re more excited to wander around Normandy with some of our favorite people.

I wish I had done better avoiding social media and could list more books in the read column.  Unfortunately, I’m finding that harder here than ever before. There is a very helpful Facebook group for our community where I learn a lot of helpful information, but that often leads me down a rabbit hole. Now that I feel like I have my feet under me, I am pushing myself to disconnect. I’m making myself read before turning on the TV each night, and already that little change has made a big difference.

I wanted to take a cooking class, but instead, our new life with busy school-age kids led to the collapse of my cooking. I’m going to take it back. Really. Our health depends on it.

You all can agree that I am a Type A person, a bit concerned with missing out on things. This has made it hard for me to let go of travel “plans.” It seems like there are so many people traveling to so many places. Travel in Europe – this amazing place – will never be so fast, easy, or cheap again. But there is a balance. Resources – time and energy and money – are still finite here and now. God-willing, we will return to Europe. We don’t need to see an entire continent in the next 2.5 years. So what do we really want to experience? What do we want to walk away with? We are constantly reevaluating our goals, and I think getting to those questions.

Overall, I enter this next year satisfied with where I am in this season. We have found a groove, which I feel is important before you can start pushing for too much self-improvement. So now, I ask myself, is it possible to live a slower life, without shunning the conveniences and practices of the current age? That balance is what I’m trying to figure out this year. I think with some specific projects that are more measurable and finite – and not necessarily resolutions – I’ll be more successful at finding my way.

Our well-loved travel inspiration list, to give you a sense of the ongoing struggle in my brain, what we’ve accomplished, and where we are headed.

Our well-loved travel inspiration list, to give you a sense of the ongoing struggle in my brain, what we’ve accomplished, and where we are headed.

Tangier, Morocco

Tangier, Morocco

Baden-Baden, Germany

Baden-Baden, Germany