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Our beach


Since Gibraltar, most of our exploration has been of the inside of the Rota Naval Hospital. The kids have done a pretty good job taking turns getting sick, with only one down for the count at a time. Slow and steady. One of several doctors we have seensaid we have been hit by the "Rota Rot." A whole new continent of germs and allergens.

Last Saturday though, the sun was out and the kids seemed healthy. Itchy for some fresh air, we took a morning walk down to the beach nearest our house. From first step to toes in sand, it's a leisurely 20 minute walk to Playa de Fuentebravía in Puerto de Santa Maria.

The sky was bright and tide was low. At first, Charlotte and Henry did a great job sticking to the plan of hunting for sea shells. Anyone who knows our kids though, could have guessed that wasn't going to last. A couple tidal pools were just too enticing. In some ways, it was perfect. They could splash around in the water without my normal concern of them being swept out to sea. But what started as just kicking around the water turned into Henry running and jumping and sliding in the water and sand until he was, in fact, a sand monster. In defense of our parenting, he was the only one who didn't get sick this last week.

The adults in our group were a little bummed because they were too wet to continue on our way for a morning churro snack. But the kids had the best time. And ultimately, hearing them run and laugh outdoors like that makes my heart happy too.



Semana Santa