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Last week wasn't my favorite. While it was nice to have a place to call home, we had simply moved from living out of suitcases to living out of boxes. And I felt so very isolated. I realized the only local contact I had in my phone was for Dennis. I guess that just like they say for children, I need a routine. I need something for me. I will get there.

After this weekend, we feel much more settled in our home. The last of the boxes are gone (or in a storage closet). Saturday morning, we were first in line at Ikea, where we spent too much money on stuff we then spent the rest of the day assembling. But build it we did.

Almost as if to celebrate these accomplishments, Rota was throwing a party. Carnival kicked off Saturday night, but we were tuckered out from furniture building (plus no babysitter). So, Sunday morning we walked into the Old Town for the Children's Parade.

A work mate of Dennis' has just moved into an amazing home right on the main plaza in town. Imagine the family who picks the awesome house on House Hunters. That's them. They opened the floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room, and it was almost as if we were sitting right on the square. At one point, our host walked to the restaurant next door to order food. She returned with plated tapas, forks, and napkins. We couldn't get over how amazing, and trusting, that was to have such service.

While all of our kids played, we drank beer, and watched the parade and masses of spectators process to the square for singing and dancing. Pirates talked to our boys through the window. Cora bobbed her little self to the music, free to move about as she pleased. Charlotte and her friend painted their faces and pretended to be art work on display in the niches of the stairwell.

It might not have been a raucous Carnival party, but as someone said, "this is some fine European living." It was just the ending to the week that I needed.


Sanlúcar de Barrameda & the Castillo de Santiago

Sanlúcar de Barrameda & the Castillo de Santiago

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