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Working for a living

Working for a living

In case there was any question, this is not a vacation. This is a duty station. Yes, there are a lot of perks, but we are busily working for those. In the last 48 hours, we have:

  • Completed lots and lots of paperwork – child care for next week, Spanish ID cards and drivers licenses, I’ve lost track of the rest…
  • Set-up Spanish cell phone numbers/accounts
  • Attended a housing brief
  • Toured the on-base housing options – very nice
  • Scheduled off-base house tours for Saturday with two different “runners” (similar to a real estate agent)
  • Taken Charlotte to the doctor for an asthma check before she can use the child care
  • Visited the library

The biggest struggle has been occupying our exhausted and bored children in the hotel room – and getting them all to sleep. It took Charlotte over three hours to fall asleep last night. She tossed and turned, tried to wake her siblings, and an assortment of other horrible tactics. To make it much harder, we are in a single hotel room. We have little to no leverage here. There is very little I can offer. We can’t escape, and there are two kids that need to stay asleep in the same room. During these evening hours, Dennis and I must also search for houses, so we can eventually escape this room.

At one point, Dennis tried to lay with Charlotte.

“This isn’t going to work out,” she said. “I’m not going to fall asleep,” she said. “I’m going to stay awake for a midnight snack.”

Finally, after many Hail Marys, I offered to hold her. And she agreed, without negotiation. The awesome thing about holding a tired and overwhelmed child is that while she was relaxing, my anger was slowly disappearing. She is my little girl. It’s been almost five years since I used to hold her to sleep. She has always been so pensive, so independent, so talented at fighting sleep. She is a good girl.

I wish the story of the night ended there, but unfortunately, Henry woke up for a couple of hours for belly rubs and daddy “holding him tight.” Cora gets the gold star of the night.

Tonight and tomorrow will be busy with house hunting, but Sunday holds promise of a slower day. Dennis and I know that this is just a short phase, but man, is this transition tough.

We actually do live in Spain

We actually do live in Spain