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To the starting line

To the starting line

Our family is one week out from our big move to Rota, Spain. At this point, we have survived three separate moves and a car shipment. We passed medical and dental screenings and obtained a total of nine passports for our family of five. The kids and I are on week four of visiting family and living out of suitcases. That would be exactly seven suitcases and five book bags. Trying to dig out three little outfits for the kids each day is a lot of fun.

We have been without our minivan for 27 days now. Do you know how hard it is to fit three car seats in most vehicles? Our strategy was to make the most of nearby family and cheaper rental rates in the United States and hopefully minimize the time without our van in Spain. We were told it will definitely arrive within 60 days, but they are shooting for 29 days. Talk about big goals.

Our first shipment of "unaccompanied baggage" is already waiting for us in Spain. This is our emergency supply of sheets, kitchen supplies, and toys to get us quickly up and running. It is such a weird feeling to know that part of our lives are already in Spain! We're hoping that the bulk of our household goods arrive shortly after our arrival. And that we find a home to quickly house it all. Henry, our two year old, really misses his things. It was hard to unwrap such cool presents on Christmas, and leave them behind for the movers to re-wrap just a week later. I can't wait to watch him reconnect with Superman.

We are so blessed to be able to make this move slowly, soaking in time with our families. All of the extra hugs and home cooked meals, long walks and tickle fights, will help get us through the next few months. But, one week out, we are all anxious to get going. To finally face the unknown and settle into a new routine.